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The Impact of Running Green Business

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The impact of running green business

Natural environmental issue has become an integral part in the business management. Green business has been taken into account by large business's activities. In the early 21st century, many companies take advantage of growing consumer's desire for sustainable business by "greening" their business activities to make them more environmentally friendly. And a number of entrepreneurs who are known as environmental protectors sometimes open businesses with a green deflection. Today, green business is an extremely profitable part of the business world, and it hosts a range of companies, from big companies to locally based companies. The running green businesses will not only make profit,but also can stimulate the customers' awareness of environmental protection.

With the popularity of the organic food and vegetable, the public prefer to pay more attention to something which is really "green". Now a new trend of many companies determines to turn their business to green. What is the green business really is? Green business is also called "sustainable business which contributes to an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy" (Fried, 2011). As Kain (2010) said, going green reduces the consumption of global resources and effectively controls the emission of carbon dioxide. Customers and business's managers come to realize that running a long-term business will save the global warming. There are two forces which drive companies to engage in green business; one is the profit from green business and another is environmental consciousness of consumers.

With the deterioration of environment problems, it is very important for firms to find out solutions to support the environmental protection. Green businesses operate across all business sectors: energy efficiency and renewable energy generation, resource-efficient industrial processes, advanced materials, transportation and agriculture (Marcus, & Fremeth, 2009).Some companies find that running green business can not only help firms to make profit, but also save more energy and material during the running process. Some big companies decided to use resources wisely and responsibly in order to reduce their carbon footprint. For example, Patagonia uses the electricity system by renewable energy source in his company, and Dell takes some measure to cut global electricity use which will help them to reduce their carbon footprints (Kain, 2010). However, something small will make a great change. Records and Information management (RIM) programs can help the large business to cut down the consumption of business paper and save the cost. The U.S Environmental Protection Agency cites that the life cycle of one ton of office paper (40 cartons), from production to recycling , results in the release of about nine tons of carbon dioxide or equivalent gases (Kain,


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