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Running International Business

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Executive summary

Starting and running a company that will meet the demands of the consumers beyond the borders

of a country is a major issue to the SME companies in Australia. As explored in this essay, it is

true that marketing of the products and services that these small enterprises have is a things

which they must solve. Many of the nations today which do not have support for these small

companies such as education and financial assistance end up losing most of their possible

investors who would have helped their economy to grow (Lee, 2018). With the government

support many companies have been seen to evolve from one stage to another thereby gaining

influence of the international market. Noosa Chocolate Factory is an SME company with sale of

products worth $20 million every year which meant that it is able to make a huge sale. The

company is seen to consider outside market where they can export their excess products which

are beyond the market in Australia (Fold, 2002). This kind of expansion calls for proper

strategies and examination of the market before the venture is done.

Entering into a bigger market is seen to be challenges for this company which adopts new ways

of handling its international clients. It was suggested that the company should not ignore the

referrals from the old clients and also returning clients should be satisfied fully. The company

should work on getting reviews for the projects they are doing. This will help the new customers

to learn more about the company. They will gain confidence and trust in the products which the

company is making. The management should overcome the expected language barrier by

employing workers who speak more than one international language (Paull and Lyons, 2008).

They should also get citizens of Singapore to work with them because they are informed.


Conclusion and Recommendation


In summary, it is clear that the company had seen a great opportunity to venture into a new

market in Singapore which will increase their sales by a


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