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Coffee International Business (vietnam Road Map)

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Coffee is a popular brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries. Green unroasted coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Due to its caffeine content, coffee often has a stimulating effect on humans. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide.

An important export commodity, coffee was the top agricultural export for twelve countries in 2004, and it was the world's seventh-largest legal agricultural export by value in 2005. Some controversy is associated with coffee cultivation and its impact on the environment. Many studies have examined the relationship between coffee consumption and certain medical conditions; whether the overall effects of coffee are ultimately positive or negative has been widely disputed. The method of brewing coffee has been found to be important to its health effects.

There are four step in processing the coffee. First is roasted. In roasted process there are five process that must be done preparing the green coffee then to the roasting process. After that, grading the roasted coffee then divided the characteristics of the roasted coffee. Finally, decaffeination where the caffeine been removed from the coffee seeds.

After finishing the roasting process, the roasted coffee will be storage to maintain the taste of coffee bean. Ideally, the container must be airtight and kept in a cool, dry & dark place. In order of importance: air, moisture, heat, and light are the environmental factors responsible for deteriorating flavor in coffee beans. Folded-over bags, a common way consumers often purchase coffee, are generally not ideal for long-term storage because they allow air to enter. A better package contains a one-way valve, which prevents air from entering.

The third step is preparation of coffee bean Coffee beans must be ground and brewed to create a beverage. Almost all methods of preparing coffee require the beans to be ground and mixed with hot water for long enough to extract the flavor, but without boiling for more than an instant; boiling develops an unpleasant "cooked" flavor. Finally, the spent grounds are removed from the liquid, and the liquid is consumed. There are many variations in the fineness of grind, the ways in which the water extracts the flavor, additional flavorings (sugar, milk, spices), and the removal of the spent grounds.). After that we can present it in our way.


Vietnam officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the easternmost country in the Indochina peninsular. Vietnam capital city is Hanoi and the largest city is Ho Chi Minh City.

2.1 Basic customer profile of Vietnam.



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