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Exclusive Collection International Business

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Mission Statement:

Company's Mission:

Exclusive collection is committed to creating a unique fashion environment. With the immense knowledge and exposure of our buying staff and in-Store sales associates, we can create a wardrobe that encompasses the trends of the target market with keeping the needs of the individual in mind. Exclusive collection's is constantly changing its look to stay in step with fashion trends of the world market with keeping the needs of the individual in mind. We are dedicated to superb customer service that keeps each client on the cutting edge of fashion.

The goal at exclusive collection‘s Boutique is to create clothing and accessories that will withstand time. Our products are traditional in style and meant to be worn for generations to come.

It is also our goal to provide customer satisfaction that will result in repeat business.


TOPIC Page no.

Reasons for Selection of England 05

Cities in England 06

Business Description 07

PART 1: Analysis 08

Facts and Figures: 08

PESTEL Analysis: 09

Political 09

Economical 10

Socio-cultural 13

Technological 17

Ecological 19

Legal 19

SWOT Analysis: 20

Strengths 20

Opportunities 21

Threats 21

Five forces model 22

Bargaining Power of Buyers 22

Bargaining Power of Suppliers 22

Threat of Substitute 23

Barriers to entry 23

Industry Rivalry 24

PART 2: Strategies 25

Short term Strategy 25

CSA/FSA Matrix 26

4 P’s 27

Long term strategy 27

References 28


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