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Tesla Business Plan

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New Business Model Report

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Section A

Revised November 20, 2017

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

3. The Toyota Brand

4. The Tesla Brand

5. New Proposed Business: Eco-Zoom

6. Appendix I: Blue Ocean

7. Appendix II: Story and Communication

8. Appendix III: Seven Key Questions

9. References

Executive Summary

This business analysis shows how a new value proposition can be introduced and successful in the automobile production industry. Toyota is a leading car brand for its affordable yet very reliable make which consumers seek out in their search for an automated vehicle. However, they lack in a premium, athletic look which people find themselves desiring more and more within the modern day. Tesla offers a premium brand car that is also eco friendly. In addition to this, the Tesla cars are high performance with premium battery. But, Tesla is an expensive and unreliable brand that which consumers think of as a risky investment. The new proposed business called Eco-Zoom will offer an eco-friendly electric car like Tesla while also being affordable and reliable like Toyota.

From a blue-ocean perspective. Eco-Zoom is a valid business idea with high standards (1). Eco-Zoom will create a car that is affordable for many consumers while also being reliable and eco-friendly, which is something the industry is yet to create but greatly seeks in a brand (2). The factors to be reduced are the high cost of an electric car as well as the unreliability of them. Eco-Zoom will dedicate their business to reducing these issues and thus will become a top seller (3) and finally, raises the quality of the automobile by incorporating a family yet modern design. Again, Eco-Zoom will provide the value innovation as its pricing meets the needs of the industry but delivers a good product. Finally, in communication, the consumer will remember the


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