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Terminix International Case Study

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Company description

    Terminix International is a pest control company whose headquarter is in Memphis, TN., that has set sights on destroying bug problems. It provides control services for a broad range of rodents and bugs.  Due to the great relation between construction services and pest control business, the firm is contemplating to venture into the building of houses. The construction services are in addition to the monitoring services offered to the customers. Terminix seeks to ensure that its clients enjoy permanent and beautiful homes. Before signing off new homes, other construction services or new editions, we ensure that the house is pest free and new measures put in place to deter rodents or pests.

    Terminix has established its branches all over the country to facilitate easy access to its services. The distribution to major towns is also to ensure that services are near customers and the availability of the staff to offer services to the clients. Over the past years, many citizens have experienced disturbances of rodents, pests, small insects like bedbugs and termites. Some of these insects could affect wooden structures used for house constructions and could have an impact on food stores, thus living in these areas were made very uncomfortable.

    Terminix Company has thus identified the suffering, and come up with wonderful ideas and plan of alleviating the sufferings. It seeks to bridge the gap by offering construction of houses through the application of various methods of pest control, thus making the rooms comfortable and durable. Clients familiar to us have appreciated our efforts and services since they have benefitted greatly. Clients still can enjoy high-quality services of pest control. Consumers can testify the durability of the wooden structures found in the home and the comfort of the reduced rodents and bedbugs.

The company is capable of countering competition since it not only constructs houses but also provides long-lasting solutions to pests that usually affects structures.

    Terminix began setting up offices throughout the country and get the business started for all its potential clients. It is faced with a huge task to ensure that success is achieved in the house construction sector through winning over the current competitors who have established their root in the industry. This being a new venture, the environment affects its capacity of the market orientation. It is very crucial for the company to properly define the market due to the competitive market environment so that the market strategies properly work out during implementation. The market environment must, therefore, keep favorable and good bond /term with the clients.

Challenges Facing Terminix

    The main problem is when marketing the services in the presence of the many companies offering pest control services which are not genuine. These companies have contributed to most clients having a negative attitude towards the companies in general. When a company has a bad attitude towards a particular company, this will have an overall effect on the competitors. Terminix is not spared either. It still finds it hard convincing the client that we offer genuine and high-quality services.


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