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Zara International Case Study

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Question 1: In what ways are elements of the classical management approaches evident in Zara International?

- Inditex used all three components of the classical approaches: scientific was used by carefully selecting workers with the right abilities for the job, administrative principles was expressed through controlling design, production, distribution, and retail sales to optimize the flow of goods and bureaucratic through clear division of labor.

Question 2: What elements of the behavioral management approaches are being used by Zara's management team?

- They paid close attention to what the public was demanding therefore shifted Zara's management team focus towards the human factor as a key element in organizational performance. Also the organization went hand in hand with Mary Parker Follet idea of organizations as communities within which people combine talents to work for a greater good.

Question 3: How can systems concepts and contingency thinking explain some of the distinctive practices underlying Zara's success?

- Inditex succeed in matching management practices with situational demands, they reached success through subsystems and interacting with its environment and transforming resource inputs (suppliers) into output (customers), and finally they kept complex systems for time production and inventory reporting.

Question 4: Gather the latest information on competitive trends in the apparel industry, and the latest actions and innovations of Zara. Is the firm continuing to do well? Is it adapting in ways needed to stay abreast of both its major competition and the pressures of a changing global economy?

- I believe that the firm will continue to do well, and it is adapting in many ways such as being responsible for the democratization of fashion, and by being open-minded and not only paying attention


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