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Technical Communication Written Assignment 1

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Assignment 1

Using the search term social media policy examples, find a corporate policy statement on employee use of social media. The company should be a large one, with over 1,000 employees. In a 500-word memo to your mentor, explain whether the policy statement is clear, specific, and comprehensive. Be sure to include a copy of the policy statement (or a portion of it) so that you can refer to it in your memo. Consider the following questions as you compose the memo to your mentor:

The Adidas Group is a very large international company. In fact, according to recent statistics Adidas AG is the second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world with approximately 53,731 people employed as of 2014. (2014)

The social media policy put in place by the Adidas Group specifically outlines what should not be published on the internet and directs all uncertainties to the companies Public Relations department.  In short, they do not want employees posting information on the internet on behalf of the Adidas Group, anything posted on the internet must be published as self-identified opinions or ideas without affiliation to the company.  Additionally, nothing should be posted about the company on wiki sites, even anonymously. The company is largely concerned with keeping information classified as “for internal use only” safeguarded and privately contained within the confound of the company and should not be shared with the outside world.

  • Does the statement include a persuasive explanation of why the policy is necessary?  

The Adidas Group Social Media Policy does provide a persuasive explanation of why the policy is necessary.  The opening statements in the policy are friendly and persuasive in a paternal manner.  The company wants employees to be able to express their rights to freedom of speech, but expresses the importance of avoiding problems or misunderstandings at the company’s expense whether it be accidental or intentional.  The policy stands as a legally binding document that safeguards the company in the event that any wrong doings are made at the company’s expense over the internet.

  • Is the tone of the statement positive or negative?

The overall tone of the statement is positive yet stern, the company is adamant about safeguarding confidential information and keeping a positive reputation. The statements are laid out in an orderly fashion and are easy to follow and understand.  The Policy isn’t written like list of strict rules and regulation, instead the tonality reads like a friendly and positive orientation.  This is a company policy, it poses as a legally binding contract with every employee in the company.  If the guidelines and expectations identified within this policy are violated it is clear a negative impact could result.  Therefore, while this is a positive message, it stands to cause negative consequences for anyone in violated.


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