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Creating Written Leadership Communication

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Chapter 4: Creating Written Leadership Communication

“Communication is the real work of leadership”

-Nitin Nohria

Current Dean of Harvard Business School

Creating a logical and comprehensible written communication is what professional writing is all about. Reading a written communication does not have the same impact as oral communication because the words take up the whole role of representing what the writer intends to deliver. In oral communication, the tone, gestures, movement, words, and appearance (if speaker physically present) all play almost equal role in delivering the writer’s message. So, it is of paramount importance that the words should be articulated in a manner which could not only deliver the intended message but also revoke a positive impact on the reader.

The advent of social media websites has pushed the internet into a whole new era. More and more people are now using the internet as a social tool. It is highly overwhelming that how these websites have caused a huge impact on the usage of internet. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are some of the major websites which are leading the social revolution on the internet. With time, these websites have also attracted much attention of the corporate world. Many companies are now using social media as a strategic marketing tool and, looking at the recent trend, others will do so in the future. As told by Kathy O’Reilly, Director of social media relations for job recruitment site Monster, to Los Angeles Times on Sept 28, 2011,” The number of social media-related jobs on Monster has surged 75% over the last year. About 155 positions are available a month, up from an average of 88 a month a year ago.” Simplicity and cost effectiveness are two major reasons why companies are using these social media.

The project undertaken by our team dealt with issues related to the usage of social media at workplace. The employees using this tool at the workplace should know how to use it in an intelligent and effective manner. Writing careless and irrelevant posts, blogs, tweets etc. can lead to serious consequences and jeopardize the reputation of the company and career


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