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The Role of Leadership in Creating a Diversity-Sensitive Organization

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Journal Article: The Role of Leadership in Creating a Diversity-Sensitive Organization

Cierra Campbell

July 24, 2019

MGMT 653: Leading Organizations


Why do we need diversity in all workplace settings? Diversity within an organization is vital to the corporation as a whole. Diversity is a feature of humans that ascends from variances in race, religion, educational background, culture, work experiences, and many other characteristics. A growing tendency of diversity aids to accept the value of diversity in gender, age, culture, race and learning styles. An organization has to develop ways to accommodate the diverse atmosphere it has inside the organization and also to the necessities of its customers which will also be diverse based upon the diversity within the customer population. Using a strategy called diversity management helps to create a varied and comprehensive workplace. An organization that achieves diversity is more prosperous as it increases a very healthy working relationship between those employees who are diverse. With that, what role does leadership play in creating this diverse atmosphere?

        In the journal article, “The Role of Leadership in Creating a Diversity-Sensitive Organization”, author Janice Dreachslin focuses on diversity within the healthcare industry and how it is imperative for organizations to harness diversity. She explains that the commitment the leadership team has to diversity is the foundation of a diversity initiative being a success. What this article does is provide executives with ways to see circumstances in a new light as well as understanding the corporation, the area of service and the personnel inversely. The role of leadership in a diversity initiative is critical in a healthy work environment. Diversifying the workplace is important because the needs of the consumers are changing every day and if any organization is to survive, it is more essential than ever to embrace new ways of thinking and doing things. Dreachslin goes on to discuss how the executives enhance their learning through hands-on activities such as mentoring someone different than you, being involved in activities within communities that are not your own and having a chance at being developed through employee affinity groups. The journal article, in so many ways, provides a vivid depiction of how diversity management practices help organizations become well-rounded in terms of diversity initiatives. There are foundational problems that come along with leaders of an organization not elaborating on its diversity. According to Dreachslin (2017) “best practices in diversity management will only occur in organizations whose leaders influence others to exhibit high levels of diversity sensitivity.”


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