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Target Market Selection of Jatson's Medical Group

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Jatsons Medical Group aims to target pregnant women in rural areas. Recent statistics show that 65% of the population of the Philippines are urban in nature, while the remaining 35% remains to be rural. According to the CIA World Factbook, there are 17,482,531 rural women based on the 1:1 sex ratio that they have stated. Out of this number, there are about 12,237,772 women who give birth at home, and there are about 19,826 mothers who die every year. It is also important to take note that there are about 1700 hospitals in the country, yet there is still a lack of rural health centers that can cater to citizens in far-flung locations. Thus, the company sees it fit to also target these women who give birth at home due to the existing hazards that may be brought about by this practice.

For the first few years of its operations, Jatsons Medical Group decided to first operate in Lanao del Norte, which is one of the provinces of Northern Mindanao (a.k.a Region X). This specific region was chosen due to the fact that it has the second highest maternal mortality rate in the country, having a .94 out of 1,000 population estimate of mortality as of 2010. Lanao del Norte, meanwhile, is among the two most populous provinces in the region (with Bukidnon as the other province), with only five provincial hospitals in the province (as opposed to Bukidnon, which comprises of eight provincial hospitals). Hence, Lanao del Norte was chosen as the pilot location for Jatsons Medical Group’s operations.

There are currently 22 municipalities in Lanao del Norte, and 462 barangays. In this province, there are only five provincial hospitals, twenty-two rural health centers, and four private hospitals that could cater to the needs of the population. Because of this, it is evident that there is a scarcity in terms of the health institutions that can serve the population.

It is also crucial to take note that most of the population of Lanao del Norte belong


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