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Segmentation and Target Market

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Segmentation and Target Market

The following paper will focus on Korek Telecom Company, which its headquarters is located in the north part of Iraq, a federal region called Kurdistan. Because of its geographical location, this particular region has been a battlefield for many wars unrelated to it whatsoever, such as battles between Iran and Turkey or Iraq and Iran. The consecutive wars left the region many scars that can still be seen, to this day. However, Kurdistan was liberated, for the most part, after Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation New Dawn, which were conducted by the Allied forces in 2003.

The region’s liberation caused fast and rapid expansion of its economy, which then lead its population exposed to modern technology. Korek Telecom attempted to take advantage of this particular fact and became prepared in order to plan for seizing the market within the region. The company, as a start, acquired its leading competitors such as Phanos and AriaPhone expanding from just Erbil city into three cities, Sulaimaniah and Duhok as well. Currently, Korek Telecom operates in 18 provinces, which make the entire Iraq.

Nowadays, telecom users are no longer sole seekers of call and text, rather, their needs and wants are more complex and expect more services from telecom providers. Affordable 4G internet and fast data sharing are becoming a requirement by current customers. Considering the customers’ needs and expectations broadening and becoming more and more unique, the targeting market for telecom companies has shifted to micromarketing, which emphasizes understanding markets at a local level. Micromarketing also respects personalization of messages relayed to individual customers. Korek Telecom has adjusted itself with the demand change by offering customized package plans.

Regarding the segmentation of customer markets, behavioral and geographical segmentations are generally involved per telecom


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