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Mkt 571 - Segmentation and Target Market

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Segmentation and Target Market


November 2, 2015

Segmentation and Target Market

The digital world and the rise of technology in business world is driving a demand from corporations all over the world to utilize Xerox Corporation to improve how they work, where they work, and when they work.  Xerox’s new feature, scanning documents to the cloud, or printing literally from anywhere is sure to make organization enter the world of digital printing.  At present, this services are only offered in the United States of America, however, with developments in the field of information technology in Tanzania, E. Africa, Xerox Corporation will create significant gains for businesses and consumers alike.  Scanning and digital printing is a service that some business know about it, but others do not know and still are in the ancient age of storing information using files which most often are lost, misplaced, or caught in fire.  Therefore, introducing services such as scanning and digital printing, will help speed up the organizations in Tanzania, E. Africa into the digital world.

Market Segmentation

        According to Kotler & Keller (2012), market segmentation is used to divide a market into groups that share similar set of needs and wants.  It is the responsibility of the marketers at Xerox Corporation, before thinking of setting business in Tanzania to identify the appropriate number and nature of market segments in order to decide which one will be suitable to target.  When looking at the market segmentation, price will be the most important consideration for the average businesses, however, the bigger organizations and the government will be willing to pay for the services, thus before deciding, marketers will have a lot of questions to ask as of which customers will be of important for them to serve.  

        It is very important, however, for Xerox Corporation marketers to know the segments that will be able to bring sales for the company.  However, for the type of business that Xerox is in, the segmentation market can target consumers and business markets alike.  However, the basic market segmentation strategies that Xerox Corporation will be using will be based on the following:

Geographic Segmentation

        Geographic segmentation is the strategy used to divide the market into geographical areas where the target group has different preferences according to where they are located.  Xerox, therefore, if looking at geographic segmentation, it will allow the company to operate in all areas that it want to be tailoring the services according to the needs of each business or organization.  There are customers who might only need the scanning, but you might have others who might need all or two or three of the services that Xerox has to offer.  Here, again, Xerox will have the opportunity to tailor their services to the government tenders, large businesses, small businesses, or even individual who will be willing to pay for the services, long time, short time, weekly, or daily.


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