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Segmentation and Target Marketing

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Segmentation and Target Marketing

April 12, 2015


Segmentation and Target Marketing

Marketing management is a major part of determining the success of any company. In the practices of marketing there is management, segmentation, target marketing and positioning each of these hold a certain amount of importance. Market segmentation identifies several groups or segments based on profiles. While target marketing deals with the selection of segments and the development of those measures to attract particular consumer groups; in due course market positioning allocates the ways the market remembers the brand of companies with a competing product by adding a unique feature or advantage (Kotler& Keller, 2011). With any marketing there are some drawbacks that can happen with target marketing, positioning, and segmentation such as waste of resources and ethical issues.  However a good firm will utilize these drawbacks by improving the operation, positioning the product better and increase the opportunity for product identification.

Johnson & Johnson formed in 1886 in New Brunswick, New Jersey and has been caring for people more than a century (Johnson & Johnson, 2015).  When Johnson & Johnson started it was by treating wounds with antiseptic and this product helped many surgeons practice sterile surgery. Later on Johnson & Johnson was the first company to make first aid kits and these kits were designed to help aid railroad workers in case of injuries.  By 1894 the company began making maternity products for mother to make childbirth safer and then Johnson’s Baby Powder came out on the market leading to the success baby products. Johnson and Johnson has made many products since then such as dental floss, over the counter medications, nutritionals like Splenda to replace sugar and Visine to help irritated eyes. The many faces of Johnson and Johnson help people live healthier lives (Johnson & Johnson, 2015).

The segments of Johnson and Johnson can be seen from many different aspects. The segmentation can be seen from the different types of products. Depending on the function and usage the segmentation of the company can be classified into healthcare, dental care, baby care and family care.  For products that have similar functions Johnson and Johnson also market segments by demographic characteristics such as age and gender.  For the skin and hair care older male adults losing hair may use “Rogaine” while the acne prone teenage girl or boy may use “Clean & Clear” to manage blemishes.  For the child bearing age women the “Destin” would be used for the infant who has diaper rash while the adult male may use “Bengay” more after a day of hard sports or a strenuous workout.  There is further segmentation on several products such as “Aveeno” which promotes being more natural and the “Splenda” product which is an alternative to sugar and can help with lower calories and people who are diabetic.  In addition segmentations are also based on characteristics of the consumer such as motive for buying, and the lifestyle or health of the consumer.


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