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Strategic Marketing Audit for a Uk Company of Your Choice

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Strategic Marketing Audit for a UK Company of your choice

2,000 words report

Deadline: Thursday, 12th December 2013

This assignment represents 30% of the assessment for the course.

Strategic Marketing Planning involves undergoing through certain key steps, the first one being an assessment of “Where are we now?” You are asked to undertake a Marketing Audit for a UK company or a UK organization of your choice. It can be the company you undertook your work placement or you can choose a company or organisation from the industry or sector you might have worked for in the past. It can be a commercial enterprise or not-for-profit. The only requirement is to have available company information in the public domain, i.e. published company information. You are required to show the basis on which you have made your choice.

Essentially the Marketing Audit is a systematic internal and external environmental review of the company’s marketing performance for a given period of time, which in this case will be the period with its most recent published performance data. The thorough internal examination of the company’s performance will start with an overview of the sector or industry followed by their Marketing Mix. You are then asked to undertake a SWOT Analysis. The external audit needs to examine the PESTLE factors for a good understanding of the general business environment. In order to fully comprehend the position of the company in the market, it must be placed in the context of a competitive market environment; hence a Competitive Analysis (Porter’s 5 Forces) must be performed taking into account not only the ‘competition’ in a traditional sense but also the competitive structure of the industry.

Your Marketing Audit should be based on the following sections (showed as aprox. percentage of total maximum words):

1. Introduction & Industry or Sector Overview and Company Overview (15%)

2. The Marketing Mix (20%)

3. SWOT Analysis (20%)

4. PESTLE Analysis (20%)

5. Competitive Analysis: Porter’s 5 Forces (20%)

6. Brief Conclusions (5%)

You should apply your business judgement and intellectual rigour to the project and prepare a comprehensive report, which critically addresses the issues.

Presentation of Report:

Your Report, which must look as professional as possible, must be


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