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Mary’s Transportation Strategic Marketing Plan

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Whenever a new business venture is started a marketing strategy has to carefully be planned in order to ensure the success of an operation. Failure to do that will certainly result on the failure of the operation. The following is a marketing plan that will allow Mary’s transportation to be a success.

Strategic Marketing Plan:

Mary’s Transportation


Mary’s transportation is a transportation service that will give working parents the ability to have a chauffeur to drive their kids to and from school. As good as this service may be it is important to have a plan that will allow the corporation to determine how profitable it may be. The following is the company’s strategic marketing plan in order to ensure it’s success.

Mission Statement

Mary’s transportation will be a transportation service designed for the working parents. This service will pick children up in the morning from their house and safely take them to school; after school is over our driver will bring the children back to their house. With this service there will be no need for your child to go to a bus stop, battle with changing weather conditions or have to wake up so early. Parents will not have to worry about their children standing on a bus stop 5 miles away from their home, exposing their child to many possible threats including sexual predators and moving traffic or possible being lost because they were placed on the wrong bus and got off on the wrong bus stop.

Mission Statement: Our transportation service will deliver your child to school and back home as safe and sound as you would.


• The number one objective Mary’s transportation has is to give parents peace of mind as well as giving them some time back from their already busy schedule.

• This company will start with only one 15 passenger van in a small area of the city however is looking acquire 4 more vans in 2 years in order to increase the service area and generate employment in our city.

• Our sales goal is to secure a base of 30 children in order to ensure profitability. This is a service not offered in my city therefore we should be able to secure 1% of the market equaling to $35,000 as gross earnings fro the first year.

Customer Targets

The main customer’s target will be the working parent with kids of school age. Mary’s transportation is not a service that will work for everyone who has kids however with over 4,000 possible customers this enterprise should be successful.

Competitor Targets

This transportation


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