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Strategic Causing Marketing Plan- one-Day Acuvue

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Strategic Cause Marketing

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Group Project

Strategic Causing Marketing Plan


by Johnson & Johnson Limited


  1. Executive Summary         p.2
  2. Company Background         p.3
  3. Mission & Vision         p.3
  4. Environmental Scanning
  1. Political         p.4
  2. Economic         p.4
  3. Social         p.5-6
  4. Technology         p.6-7
  5. Issue         p.7
  6. Industry        p.7-8
  7. Market Share         p.8
  8. Customer Characteristic         p.8
  9. Partnership         p.8-9
  1. Marketing Strategy
  1. Objective         p.10
  2. Targeting          p.10
  3. Positioning         p.10
  1. Marketing Mix
  1. Product          p.11
  2. Place         p.11
  3. Price         p.12
  4. Promotion         p.12
  1. Timeline
  1. Pre-program         p.13-14
  2. Program         p.14
  3. Post-program         p.14
  1. Budget         p.15
  2. Evaluation         p.15
  3. Conclusion          p.16
  4. Reference         p.17
  5. Appendix         p.18-20
  1. Executive Summary

The rivalry of contact lens industry is quite high due to keen competition with several competitors. Previously, proper vision care contact lens is commonly used with daily, weekly or monthly time disposal. However, there is an increase number of people wearing cosmetic contact lens which means they do not only focus on functionality but also for beauty.

With the heavier usage on electronic gadgets, eye and vision healthcare seems to be less concerned for Hong Kong people. More children at younger age even get short-sightedness and myopia due to poor life style such as playing video game, watching TV for several hours a day.

In this report, a detailed and workable marketing plan to be written based on the market situation and competitive analysis. There will be a launch of cause-related marketing program by One-day ACUVUE of Johnson & Johnson HK Limited, with the non-profit organization- Orbis Hong Kong in October 2013. Both parties enjoy the shared vision and mission, accumulated experience in cause marketing and richen the intangible assets.

The specific target segment is the female aged 20-39 years old. The program aims to raise Hong Kong people’s awareness in concerning their eyes. They can experience how difficult and challenge in the daily life if they suffer from eye diseases or blindness.


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