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International Marketing Audit on Coca Cola Company

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International Marketing Audit on Coca Cola Company


1. Executive Summary        

2. The International Marketing Environment        

2.1 Economical and Financial considerations        

2.2 Cultural Impact        

2.3 Political and Legal Implications        

2.4 Technology Impact        

3. The Segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy of the firm        

3.1 Behavioral Segmentation        

3.2 Target Market        

3.3 Positioning        

4. The International Marketing Mix        

4.1 International Market selection and Entry        

4.2 Modifications for International Market        

4.3 Distribution system        

5. International Marketing Strategy        

5.1 Relationships and Strategic Alliances        

5.2 Criticism of marketing mix and Segmentation        

6. Recommendations        9

7. Bibliography        10

1. Executive Summary

The cola company is a global business enterprise and world leading soft drink seller. This assignment will enlighten the reader how the Coke achieved its current position and how they implement their marketing strategy over worldwide. Coke has a long success journey since many years. This assignment explores strategies what Coke took to reach their product to customers. This assignment includes company overview, segmentation, targeting, positioning, international market environment, market strategies and methods that company uses much more.

The reader of this assignment holding out the broader view of the operations what are the marketing segmentations how they carry out those strategies and what are the financial and economic considerations of the company as well as legal, political, cultural and it impact to the company. Future recommendations for the company by criticism of current erroneous marketing strategies of Coke. This Assignment try out to gives a deeper idea about the international marketing operations of Coke Company in worldwide.


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