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R&r Case Study - Realizing the Opportunities

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R&R Case Study

Realizing the opportunities

Bob Reiss a veteran from the gaming industry had learnt from his

experience that generally any game has a very short span of life because it

can be easily replicated very easily. Seeing the success of “Trivial Board”

games in Canada, Bob realized that it can be a big hit in US market

because it was a general trend that US market was 10 times bigger than

the Canadian Market. Bob knew that he has to differentiate his product

from the other trivial games prevailing in the market. Looking at the

consumer‟s pattern of an average American family of spending roughly 7

hours on Television, he thought of developing the questions of Trivial

games on the TV industry.

Strategic Alliances

He knew that he do not have the financial appetite to start the venture on

his own. So, he wanted to tie up with a big name which will help him to

further promote his venture. He tried to tie up with „TV Guide‟, the leading

magazine on the TV industry which has the highest diffusion in the U.S. He

convinced the publisher of TV Guide by mentioning him several benefits;

they will derive from the joint venture. The store owners were convinced by

giving them advertising space in TV Guide magazine. With the agreement



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