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Project of Developing an Information System.

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Project of developing an information system

Develop an information system that has the strong application value for the life of the public or an organization. For example, student dormitory management information system, academic system, human resource management information system.

Present your team’s solutions on PPTs and the captain of your team give a presentation to other students and teacher. Each team’s solutions should be assessed by the other teams and teacher.

Define System Phase:

What is the most common reasons for a organization to choose to develop its own information system? How to plan the project?

  1. What is the Porter’s five forces analysis and four competitive strategies of the organization and why are they important?
  2. What are some internal and external factors that affect the project of developing system?
  3. Define System goal and scope. The scope might be defined by specifying the users, or the business processes, or the plants, offices, and factories that will be involved.
  4. What is feasibility? List and briefly assess four feasibilities (cost, schedule, technical, organizational).
  5. Form the project team.

Requirements Analysis Phase:

  1. Evaluate existing system. How does the existing system work? What are the advantages, disadvantages, difficulties and problems of the existing system? How does the new or modified system solve these problems? What kind of new system is going to be developed?
  2. Identify functions of the new system.
  3. Define business processes of the new system.
  4. Define data processes of the new system.

Components Design Phase:

  1. Design the overall structure of the system. Determine the application architecture of the new system, hardware and software specifications.
  2. Design the system function module.
  3. Design the system coding.
  4. Design the database.

Implementation Phase

Maintain System Phase


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