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Project Management Company Retreat

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   Recent management and structure changes within Embraer Aviation Services Asia have led to the recognition that steps need to be taken to harmonise and unite the new management and leadership team. It has been decided by the board of directors to invest in a company retreat for the key leadership group. This is to enable the new senior management to provide a focussed workshop to clearly state the new direction and vision that they would like to bring to the organisation moving forward for future success.

   The intent of this project is to organise a company retreat to Batam – Indonesia within the next month. The duration will be for 3 days and 2 nights, leaving on the Friday and returning on the Sunday evening. The group will be staying at the Holiday Inn Resort Batam and the 3 day trip will make use of the corporate function and events facilities available at the resort.



   The project scope can generally be defined as what the final product the project ultimate intention is to deliver. It can be broken down into 6 key elements as follows:

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   The project objective is to provide a relaxed environment for senior management to bring a new middle management team together on a company retreat. It is intended to help build strong working relationships within the group yet at same time allow the senior management to implement business strategy discussions and training to the group. It is also to reinforce the direction the business intends to move towards utilising this new team of management.

   The retreat will be over 3 days at Batam – Indonesia, staying at Holiday Inn Resort. Team building will be achieved using the various corporate function facilities at the resort and through evening social bonding over dinner. Ultimately the trip will be within a total budget of approximately $XX,XXX.


   The deliverables of a project can be defined as the expected outputs that occur over the life of the project. This event has many desirable outcomes and to achieve this we hope to deliver on the following to achieve this:

  • A secure and attractive resort location to create relaxed atmosphere.

  • An exciting and unique ferry ride from Singapore to Batam to enjoy the sites of both Singapore and Batam – Indonesia.
  • Team building exercises utilising the numerous activities that Holiday Inn Resort Batam have to offer for business functions.
  • Social events both during day and in evening to networking within the business unit and team building.
  • Management workshops to highlight the business strategic vision and how it is to be implemented.
  • Relaxed environment for staff to unwind and refresh.



   Milestones are the significant steps and events in the planning of a project that occurs over the time period allocated.

29-March        Create name list of required attendees.

30-March        Invitation for attendees with RVSP of one week.

30-March        Venue research and reservation enquiries.

30-March        Transport researched, costing to be approved by management.

02-April        Preliminary costing of venue to be approved by management.

06-April        Venue reservation down-payment 10%


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