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Pason Case Study

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Case Analysis

Presented to

Dr. Hancy Castillo-Cuales


Carlos Hilado Memorial State College

Binalbagan Campus

Graduate School

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Course

MBA 211

Human Resource Management


Charlene May J. Micabel


Planters Association of Southern Negros also known as PASON is a service industry for 35 years which serves as the middle person between farmers and BISCOM which is the sugar milling company. It is greatly viewed in providing excellent service to the sugarcane farmers and offers different benefits. It is located at Binalbagan, Negros Occidental; recently PASON is composed of 30 competent employees that are all knowledgeable in their corresponding work assignments. As the calendar reached on the month of September it’s the begging of the crop year, milling season for the sugar industry. The main clients of PASON are sugarcane farmers from different areas of Negros Island Region, as of crop year 2016- 2017 PASON is serving 5,000 plus planter members which made the association as the highest planter members among other associations.

Typically the milling season carries a great task and responsibilities to the employees of the organization especial for those who belong in accounting department for they are in-charge in the bidding of Quedans. Accounting department were having a tight work schedules and loads of work that made them flexible in their work. Despite of big tasks shouldered by the employees they work with unity and cooperation.

Every Thursday evening, it is scheduled for preparing the cheques to be released to the planter members on the following day. Because of this employees do overtime to complete the work that makes them working for more than 12 hours. Employees kept on working without hazard pay given to them as compensation. There are times, those employees went home at 5 o’clock in the morning and obliged to report on their work at 8 o’clock on the same day.  There were no shift changes and substitute employees that will be there to complete the target assignment for the bidding. Employees were needed to report on the office 6 days a week, Monday till Saturday. Work became monotonous which made employees feel that they didn’t have growth in the association.

Working 24 hours in a day employees became exhausted throughout the week and won’t be able to perform their duties well. This generates stresses and unhealthy working environment in the organization. The management didn’t even appreciate the employees’ effort for the organization and didn’t even pay attention to the scenario that employees were overworked. Even the BODs were aware of the situation and employees started to complain still BOD didn’t do any action regarding this matter.

As per organizations policy employees are entitled to have 30 days leave in one crop year that is consumable till June and will be forfeited once it was not spent. This leave credits given to employees were not subject for monetary conversion once it was not used.  The reporting manager was the one who is accountable of over all activities of the organization. When employees asked to have a leave for any reason the reporting manager denies the request and asked the employees to meet the accounting head who was the final decision maker.


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