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Organizatonal Analysis

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Organizational analysis is a concept far more complex than its name suggests,

this is one of the many lessons I learnt on our first practical experience of

analyzing a real life organization. The assumptions we took into this assignment

where altered significantly after encountering the obstacles involved in

collecting the necessary information needed to perform an organizational

analysis. This essay takes a look at the highlights of this exercise, outlining the

mistakes, difficulties and lessons learned at each stage

The organization we were assigned to analyze was Warwick food and drink, an

organization that was part of the university of Warwick that was tasked with

providing food and drinks to the staff and students of the university. It operates

through a number of restaurants all located within the university premises but

operating under 3‐4 different brands.

The first decision we had to make was the kind of analysis we were going to

carry out. We decided to carry out a motivation analysis; the rationale behind

this decision was drawn after careful considerations of time constraints and

difficulties involved in getting in contact with employees in management

positions. We concluded that analyzing motivation in Warwick food and drink

would paint a more realistic and accurate picture of the current situation within

the organization.

We proceeded to gathering general information about the organization, which

we mostly retrieved during our only official meeting with an employee of

Warwick food and drink. The information we gathered in this interview was

mainly about their mode of operation and their organizational structure. One

major mistake we made was not linking this findings to the analysis and

highlighting the effect their chosen organizational structure has on the

motivation of its employees. In theory we have learnt that the organizational

structure of an establishment has


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