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Organization Overview: Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Canmore

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Organization Overview: Radisson Hotel & Conference Center Canmore

Nowadays, Radisson hotel is operating as the significant part of hotel industry which means they have many subsidiaries and establish in different countries by control under Radisson hotel such as The Radisson Blu Hotel Sydney. In this context will focusing on one of Canada's top hotel and resort name as Radisson Hotel Canmore where its hotel provide operation and service in accordance with high standard. It is necessary to emphasize that they also have good quality in hotel services with distinct from other and provide variety activities with reliable structure and full capacity working of company. Radisson Hotel Canmore at this moment, they has growing with number of guest rooms approximately 90 to 236 and by the classic style of decoration, increasing many companies and organizations were interested in large conferences room for seminar and making community events this can contribute premier value for the hotel in long run.

The internal and external chain analysis

It is significant to say that successful working system of hotel can determine capability of its supply chain management. There are two ways to analysis supply chain which include internal and external.

In part of internal supply chain, most customers are service from hotel staffs without delay and when they leave the hotel, they will get full ability to take care with close interaction from all employees. Basically, they separate their responsibility distinctly direct contract to customers. This can contribute the number of customers' satisfaction which can move in high level for hotel standard. Moreover, the hotel has offered premier food from difference countries and provide for local people in the cheaper price.

Following the external chain, The Radisson Hotel Canmore has not only received material product from other countries


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