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Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Organization and Relationships

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Healthcare is one the vital assets of any society and many organizations concentrate on healthcare services. Regardless of whether an organization is a healthcare service provider or any other type of organization, it must have a goal and a structure. Organizational structure can vary depending on the mission or the size of the organization. The structure could be as simple as one tier or as complex as three. It could take a flat, or tall, centralized or decentralized. It could also be vertically or horizontally integrated. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is among the Federal government healthcare organization that focuses on the protection and promotion of the health of the people. The purpose of this paper is to gain in depth knowledge of CDC as a healthcare organization, its vision and mission, its organizational structure and to explore the relationship between the organization and its stakeholders.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is one the U.S. Public Health service organization (HSO) that is responsible for supporting and caring for the happiness and safety of the people. It is part of the Department of Health and Human Services and its vision is to promote healthy people in a healthy world through disease prevention. Founded in 1946 by Dr. Joseph W. Mountain, a medical epidemiologist who had special interest in Public Health, and his work has helped in fighting many infectious diseases. For over 60years CDC remains at the forefront of public health efforts to prevent and control infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, workplace hazards, disabilities, and environmental health threats ( Not only is the organization known for their effort in preventing and controlling diseases, it is also the nation′s principal health promotion, and prevention agency. It incorporates research findings to improve people′s daily lives and responds to health emergencies and injuries.

The mission of the organization is focused on “Health promotion and health equality” which involves creating the awareness, providing avenues and systems where by individuals and the societies can employ to safeguard their health through health advancement, infection prevention, injury and disability and other health threat. ( The organization utilizes different strategies to accomplish this mission. One of a commonest is health screening and disease identifications, involvement in research projects that enhances disease prevention. The organization also develop and promotes sound public health policy, implementing prevention strategies, promoting healthy behaviors, fostering safe and healthful environments and providing leadership trainings (Lang, et al 2005)

The organizational main goal is monitoring the general public health; health screening, research studies to prevent


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