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Nexus Cardiac Ltd Case Study

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                                Table of contents


Table of Contents

Executive Summary        3

Issue identification        4

Short Term Issue:-        4

Long Term Issue:-        4

The Cardiac product Operating Environment        5

External:-        5

Internal:-        5


Strength:-        6

Weakness :-        6

Opportunity :-        6

Trend:-        7

Root Cause Analysis        7

Alternative and options        8

Recommendations        9

Implementations        10

Monitor and control        10

                                Executive Summary

Nexus Cardiac ltd is inaugurated by innovative and hardworking  Wilkinson university three Biomedical Engineering and one healthcare marketing specialist. Initially the University incubator program provide funding, guidance and business contact , office and lab space during the company star up phase. Nexus was created different legal entity from university and help company to reaching on successful level by having partial license right on patents. Initially Nexus capture market share due to his innovative product. Nexus won many award for his pacemaker product technology and they hold all patient right for this .The cardiovascular market  of all related product is growing day by day it was approx 240 billion per year worldwide and cardiovascular device itself market was approx 21 billion worldwide . There are 1000 medical device manufacture in Canada. Medical manufacture require large investment  to develop new product and to remain in market and Nexus are facing same problem either they have to sell out to large company or look forward for risky expansion opportunity. Nexus are facing another challenge how to reduce cost through proper inventory management it create challenge for manufacture unit to meet demand and supply on real time. Nexus have excellent funding when it began operation this funding come from some research and small grants and Fakhoury gave one third of company space to another company for 24th month. After finishing another company lease Fakhoury planning to use this building space for further use it will lead to double its production and help company to  launch another product which will help pacemaker to domain in market.                                         


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