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Mystic Monk Coffee

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Mystic Monk Coffee

Synopsis of major case facts

The case depicts the challenges faced by Mystic Monk Coffee, as a business enterprise that operates along with the monastery. The people operating it do not have much of an experience in the coffee industry. They are aiming at expanding the business in order to gain more profits out of which they can expand the monastery and achieve the vision of Father Prior Daniel Mary. They are required to understand the needs of the business and ensure that strategic growth of the coffee business is positive so that it can help in grrowing and expanding the monastery as well.

Key problems

The key problems presented in this case are focused on the coffee business and its expansion. In order to increase the profits of the business, it is crucial that the scale of operations be expanded and the firm be made highly competitive. As per Porter's model, the firm is a cash cow but needs to be made a star by expanding its operations and market share.

Strategic issues that management needs to address

The main strategic issues that the management needs to address include the formation of a stronger business strategies and better marketing plan. Only then it is possible to ensure that there be appropriate development of the business. It is important that there be more professional an approach adopted towards the business and there be positive strategic growth as the scales of the business are expanded. This is the case of mystic monk coffee.


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