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Managerial Strategy: Mystic Monk Coffee

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Britney Montgomery

Professor Ferrell

Managerial Strategy

18 September 2015

Mystic Monk Coffee

        Father Daniel Mary, a monk in Clarke, Wyoming, had a vision to move and eventually expand the Carmelite brotherhood to a 496 acre monastery at Irma Lake Ranch. Here, he could house new men into the brotherhood, and build his business establishment. For the past year Father Mary and his brotherhood have been purchasing Arabica coffee beans from Seattle, to distribute under the name Mystic Monk Coffee. The problem they faced is the capacity that the current monastery can produce only 540 pounds per day. There are also many expenses the monks face while currently operating. If the monks could move to Irma Lake Ranch, many problems could and would be resolved; unfortunately, there is the problem of actually purchasing the ranch.

        Father Mary has established a clear plan to move the Carmelites Monks to grow. They lived in a small house and he focused on moving to a 500 acre property. His vision for the monastery was a new monastery that could accommodate 30 monks, a retreat center for visitors, a Gothic Church, a convent for Carmelites nuns, and a hermitage on a large portion of land at the Irma Lake Ranch. The vision for the Mystic Monk Coffee is to expand its operations by buying a new brewer that would produce more coffee, increasing the customer based and corporate sponsors and getting support from more of the outside world to generate sales and ultimately purchase the Irma Lake ranch. The mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is to live a life of solitude and prayer, while working to earn profits for the vision of Father Mary.

        Yes, Father Mary has set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision. For the Carmelites, the sale of coffee should provide the means to finance this project. There needs to be strategic plans in place in order to increase the production of coffee, like more laborers and bigger equipment with the capacity to produce more, and to generate sales. This will help to tap into new the markets and increase market shares and finally to minimize cost of production. Buying a new roaster would be the performance target, the new roaster would greatly increase the production; in a day the old roaster produced an average of 540 pounds of coffee, but with the new roaster this would increase to 780 pounds of coffee.

        The strategy of Father Prior to achieve his vision was to create a new Mount Carmel through making profits from the Mystic Monk Coffee. Father Prior wanted to generate more profits from the purchase of the new larger roasted that could produce 130 pounds of coffee per hour, instead of the old roaster that produced 540 pounds per day. A competitive advantage of Mystic Monk Coffee is the high quality and wide assortment of coffee blends. There are some famous coffee shops who do not even offer as many flavors as: Mystic Monk Coffee such like Mystical Chants of Carmel, Cowboy Blend, Royal Rum Pecan, and Mystic Monk Blend. People hear about Mystic Monk Coffee through word of mouth and that is the best marketing strategy. Customers could order the coffee by a phone call or online through a website. The competitive advantage of this strategy is they are making really convenient for customers.  


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