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Mystic Monk Coffee

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Mystic Monk Coffee

        Mystic Monk Coffee is a business that was started by the Carmelite monks to help pay for their religious ventures. The Carmelite monks have been a religious organization for hundreds of years. Their religion is an order of the Catholic Church. The Carmelites had reached their peak of growth in the 1600s with 2,200 friars across all inhabited continents. At the beginning of the 21st century the Wyoming Carmelites were founded. The Wyoming Carmelites was the part of the organization that had started the Mystic Monk Coffee business in order to fund their location. However, their location did not resemble the great cathedrals and monastery’s that were in Europe. There were only 13 monks residing at the Wyoming Carmelite location. Father Daniel Mary had a vision of expanding the Wyoming location to a 500-acre ranch with 30 total monks. However, the listing price for the ranch was $8.9 million, this was a big financial hurdle they had to overcome.

        The Carmelites mission is as follows The Carmelites of the Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary, in allegiance to Jesus Christ, live in a prophetic and contemplative stance of prayer, common life, and service. Inspired by Elijah and Mary and informed by the Carmelite Rule, we give witness to an eight-hundred-year-old tradition of spiritual transformation in the United States, Canada, Peru, Mexico, and El Salvador”. Their vision statement is to witness through prayer, through living and proclaiming the word of God, through vows, through fraternity, through service, and through celebration. The Goal of the Wyoming Carmelites is to purchase the new land build their new location and spread the word across their community and America. Their financial goal is to reach $8.9 million to purchase the land the want to move to. They also need money to pay for the construction when they live there.

SWOT analysis

Strengths:                Weaknesses:                        Opportunities:                        Threats:

-Funding                -Brand Recognition                -Customer Segments                -Competition

-Dedication                -Business Knowledge                 -Product Line                        -PR

        Some Strengths of the organization is that they are very dedicated to what they do. Another strength would be that they have access to donation funding. Weaknesses of the organization would be that there is not a strong brand recognition of their coffee beans. They do not have a lot of business knowledge on how to run a company that has intricate supply chains, employees, websites, marketing, etc. Opportunities of the company would be to serve more customer segments, get their coffee products in stores to increase their revenues, expand their product line to offer more flavors of roasted organic coffee beans, opportunity to bring more monks into their organization in order to help them with their workload. Threats to the organization would be other coffee companies such as: Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts, and companies that already have a large brand recognition in stores. Another threat to the organization would be anti-religious people that could cause trouble for the sales of Mystic Monk Coffee.


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