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Strategic Business Plan - Guide for Mystic Monk Coffee

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Strategic Business Plan

Guide for Mystic Monk Coffee

Clark, Wyoming

Prepared by Sasha Kissoondath


§ Strategic


§ History

§ Mission

§ Vision

§ Business and Marketing Plan

§ Exit Strategy


This document compromises a strategic plan for Mystic Monks Coffee. It reviews its strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities, important statements with regards to its history, mission, vision, business, marketing and exit strategies of the Mystic Monks Coffee on the advancement of the Mystic Monks Coffee business in the right direction to implement and carry out its vision, mission, goals and implement its business and marketing action programs.

Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats & Opportunities

Strengths: provide a high quality, tasteful, heavenly coffee to its followers and fellow believers.

Weaknesses: lack of distribution, advertising, and incapable of producing larger quantities.

Threats: Several other coffee shops, suppliers, substitutes, economy

Opportunity: expand into a very religious and growing coffee market within the church on the basis of the coffee being religiously based.


The Catholic Church had pilgrims and crusaders who chose to stay near Jerusalem establishing their monastery on Mount Carmel, because of its religious attributes and to be closer to god. These crusaders and pilgrims are called Carmelites. Carmelites led a life of solitude, silence and prayer.

Father Daniel Mary founded the Carmelite order of monks in Clark, Wyoming. Father Mary lived his entire life as a hermit prior to forming the order of thirteen monks and the monetary at Clark. The monks dedicated their lives to prayer and worship. Their monetary was a converted four-bedroom rancher on forty-two acres.

Each monk has specific daily chores that required their specific skills suck as carpentry and cooking. Each day was broken up into segments with the performance of prays and chores throughout the


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