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Marks and Spencer's Corporate Objectives

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Marks and Spencer's corporate objectives are incorporated in its mission statement. This outlines what the business is and what it should be. Mission statements set out in writing what the firm wants to achieve and often include information on the values of the business. M&S outlines its core business as clothing and Food. Its financial objectives are to deliver shareholder value in terms of increase returns, but also in terms of increase sales and market share in retailing. It beliefs and values are outlined as "Our customers continue to see Marks & Spencer as the place to shop for special food, produced to exacting standards". M&S also sees its workforce as an important part of its plan and also considers modernising its stores as a key corporate objective.

Vision: The standard against which all others are measured

Mission: Making aspirational quality accessible to all

Values: Quality, value, service, innovation and trust

M&S also outlines its corporate social responsibility in its mission statement and considers the needs of other stakeholders too.

"We have a strong tradition of corporate social responsibility (CSR) but we want to make sure CSR is integrated into our operations at every level..."

Finally, M&S also outlines its strategic intent (vision) in its corporate objectives. M&S wants to continue its differentiation strategy by delivering freshness, quality and innovation.

Internal and Corporate Appraisal

An Internal and corporate analysis in terms of strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) will assist in gaining an understanding of where Marks & Spencer's is currently in terms of strengths and where improvement is required within the business and what outside environmental threats it


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