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Marketing Plan for Colgate Total Toothpaste

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Marketing Plan for Colgate Total Toothpaste

Ta Linh Dan, Nguyen Huu Tho, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

Tran Le Ngan Ha, Ton Nu Nhu Y

Principles of Marketing

July 7th, 2016

Dr. Nguyen Thi Mai Trang

Macro-environment of Colgate Total toothpaste

Technological Environment

        Like other brands and companies that exist in the market, Colgate Total has to apply new technology in developing the products. The ingredients of Colgate Total consist the using of triclosan/copolymer technology, which provides "12-hour antibacterial protection". This technology helps controlling plaque and more safe, effective than normal fluoride toothpaste (Colgate Total Toothpaste, n.d.). A research of 35 participants with 13 days, twice daily use Colgate Total toothpaste has proved that it "reduces a range of bacteria" compares to other normal toothpaste.

Natural Environment

        Research has shown that Vietnamese people are really concerned about hygiene, especially teenagers. VnExpress (2013) stated that 75% of Vietnamese got tooth decay, and 90% of the people suffered from the sickness related to gingivitis, which was a serious and alerted situation. One of many reasons for this high number is normally the nature of Vietnamese people. Vietnam Odonto - Stomatology Association stated that the main reason for high percentage of gingivitis is the way Vietnamese people take care of the region around the mouth as well as health examination and instructions to protect their teeth in the right way (B. N., 2013)

Demographic environment

        According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam (2014), Vietnam is a country with young population. In 2014, the population reached more than 90 million people. Moreover, the number of literate people was very high, 94.7%, which is 0.7% higher compares to the year 2009. This is a positive sign in education that children as well as adult have good preparation in knowledge.

        Moreover, statistics numbers also indicated that the number of Vietnamese family has increased to more than 24 thousands, with small family unit from 2 to 4 members took a large proportion, 64.7%. This means family place an important key role in product purchasing, since toothpaste is convenience goods that cannot be missed in every families.

Social-cultural environment

        Vietnam is a country where hygiene is a topic that really sensitive. Old generations have a sentence: "Cái răng cái tóc là gốc con người". Nowadays, the way to protect and take care of person's health, especially dental-care, is more improving with many clinic centers and the help of the Internet to get information easily. Alongside with that, Colgate Total is a convenience goods, which people can get access, purchase easily with reasonable price, is an addition to the enhancement in the way people having oral care.


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