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Marketing Plan Portfolio

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Alexis Ferren

Marketing Plan Portfolio

Rough Draft

Week 1:

  1. Food/Beverage Industry
  2. Industry: Restaurant

       Type: Fast food, QSR (Quick Service Restaurant)

  1.  PESTLE Analysis

Political Factors:

  • Follow restrictions of health and safety guidelines
  • Following the same rules at every location
  • Keep up to date with new restrictions and rules

With health and safety guidelines constantly changing there are quite a few different things to keep in mind to make sure the company is abiding to all rules and standards as well as being politically acceptable. Making sure every aspect from where the food is coming from to the second it is handed to the customer all plays a role in this step.

Economic Factors:

  • Inexpensive options
  • Providing a healthy quick option that is still affordable and fits into the budget of a fast food restaurant.

A big thing to make sure this company is successful and staying true to its brand image is allowing people to have a healthy option that is still just as fulfilling, quick and convenient as other less healthy options. By keeping prices low and around competitors' price for way more quality options will give this company a chance to grow economically as well as building a strong sense of who the brand wants to be.

Social Factors:

  • Creating/Developing a spokesperson or image who will give consumers a face to put to the brand. Using a professional athlete would be successful for this area because people will link the two and create the trust that if a professional athlete can eat this fast food restaurant and still be healthy so can they.
  • Making sure to pick someone who is a good influence and can be trusted to keep the brand in the back of their head and make good choices knowing the bad ones could reflect a poor image on the company.

By finding someone to be the face of the brand consumers will feel a sense of trust and connection to the brand and this is something the new company could really take advantage of. By finding someone who fits well with the brand and is a good influence could really lead to social success.

Technological Factors:

  • Creating a website and online menu
  • Order online option
  • Coupons, promo codes, logins, points
  • Social media accounts
  • Customers can leave reviews easier

Creating a strong technological base will provide ease to the company when marketing themselves to their consumers. A website will allow consumers to go online and place orders as well as create their order perfectly and choose a time that works best for them to retrieve their food. Social media accounts will keep the company name and people's faces throughout the day and increase sales and persons to see the name. Marketing can be easier for the company, but customers will be able to leave reviews at the tips of their fingertips so making sure customer service is always 100% will make good reviews come and keep those bad ones away.


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