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Marketing Plan Coffee Mix

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Profiling the Consumer Segment

1. Demography

1st Target Market

-Our main target market are male and female young professionals ages 22-30 years old because ____________ Coffee wants to create an image of being hip and that it fits their lifestyle and we will use it as a forefront. These people will mostly belong to the B and C crowd.

2nd Target Market

-Working and non-working male and female individuals ages 31 and up will be our secondary target market because they also drink coffee at least once a day. This individual also belongs to the B and C crowd.

2. Location

1st Target Market

-Majority of our primary target are in the office and on weekends most of them are at home resting. During office hours they consume coffee not less than twice to perk up their day and keep them on the go.

2nd Target Market

-Working and non-working individuals at their respective working areas or at home enjoying their breakfast with coffee.

3. VALS/ Psychographics

1st Target Market

-Nowadays coffee drinking is a trend among young professionals. These coffee aficionados enjoy the aroma of coffee, which keeps them awake during their working hours. These yuppies even pay more than a hundred bucks just to have coffee.

2nd Target Market

-These individuals also enjoy drinking coffee any time of the day because of the satisfaction it gives them.


Event: ________ Coffee Aero Fest 2011

Concept: To gain a world record of the most number of people participated in one day aerobics session.

Description: One day outdoor activity to be held at Quirino Grandstand

Details: Assembly time 5:30am, Registration 6:00am.

7:00 am – Free product sample will be given to all participants and forum on healthy diet.

7:30 am – start of aerobics session facilitated by RegineTolentino.

8:30 am – Declaration of new world record and to be followed by medical consultations of all participants.


1. Creating an image that _________ Coffee is a drink that promotes healthy lifestyle among its market.

2. Awareness of existing product.

3. To


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