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Marketing Case Study in Hospitality Business

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Marketing Case Study in Hospitality Business





The hospitality sector in the United Kingdom is growing rapidly over the years. Research shows that the industry is more than $30 billion in the country and since 2003, it has been rising. Domestic tourists make the majority of people who stay in hotels. “The UK hotels and motels generated revenues of $34.1 in 2007 according to data monitor (2007). It is a representation of a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% between the years 2003-2007.” According to the market research which was conducted, among 54% of the people who were asked if they would be willing to stay in a hotel when given an offer of 50% said they were okay with it. Such correspondence shows that there is the need for the business to looks for ways of improving services by offering innovative services. Two types of research will be conducted which include a qualitative and quantitative approach. The intention is building a foundation and getting an in-depth study of the needs of the consumers as well what the business needs. A company acts in real terms and is made up of people (Gummesson, 2000). It shows that if you want to gain the needs of consumers, there is the need for the business to recognize that people are not just there for the purpose of statistics, but they are essential in giving the necessary information which will in turn help in running and operation of the business. These two forms of research consider interviews and questionnaires. The research conducted is useful as it gives variable sources that can be analyzed hence helping in the process of making decisions. According to Zekmund (1991), study can be considered as the course of analyzing of data which helps in making decisions in businesses.

It is important to have a proper comprehension of the basis of the research strategy philosophy which is geared towards providing the researcher with necessary clarifications, being focused and attaining consistency throughout the research design which is independent of the design of the research and the evidence that is collected (Hines, 2000). It is also crucial to understand that questionnaires and interviews are efficiencies because studies always have a dependency on the interviews and surveys regarding the data. It also involves using of surveys and interviews and statements obtained regarding feelings and opinions. The behavior of discussion gets considered as a way of social interaction, and the analysis should be done accordingly. According to Foddy (1996), contemporary science depends on verbal data which is a key to findings. Carrying out interviews and questionnaires


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