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Integrated Marketing Plan Carl's Jr

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Integrated marketing plan Carl’s Jr


Carl’s Jr restaurant is planning to launch a new burger product in its menu “Six Dollar Diet Burger”, which I recommended as the marketing manager so as to grow its business. This report draws a one year integrated marketing plan and strategy for the recommended new product. It first started by stating the mission statement and objectives of the company then environmental analysis of the company’s micro environment and the macro environment using the PESTLE theory, then it explores Carl’s Jr internal strengths and weaknesses followed by the external threats and opportunities using the SWOT analysis. Furthermore, the report stated the marketing objective of the company then formulated a marketing strategy using the Ansoff Matrix and integrated marketing plan to achieve the marketing objectives. The plan covers the 4ps elements of the marketing mix which explains the product to be marked, the reasonable price it set, the distribution channels and the kind of promotion to use for the marketing. The plan covers the budget for the new product, then lastly appropriate controls and evaluation mechanisms of the marketing plan.


1.1 Internal Analysis

1.1.1 Company Analysis

The founder of CKE Restaurants is named as Carl Karcher, Carl started with a hotdog cart and now it has more 1300 restaurants worldwide. 422 0f the restaurants are company owned and 802 restaurants are franchised. Carls jr is a subsidiary of CKE Restaurant base in the US together with its other subsidiaries Hardees and green burritos (, 2007). The company was incorporated in 1966, It has a very solid management. Its balance sheet shows how the company’s financials are in good form please refer to appendix A for the recent annual report of CKE Restaurants. The company’s various department works together in order to achieve company’s main objectives. Carls jr marketing department always relate to other departments like the research and development, operations, the top management, finance and accounting departments in order to create customer values and relationships (Kotler and Armstrong, 2012).

Company marketing structure

(, 2007).


Targeting customers with a higher taste that will pay an exceptional price for good quality burgers, the distinction in our operation and product innovation keeps our customers loyal.




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