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Information Systems Proposal

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Information Systems Proposal

In order to be successful, every company must choose the right Information Systems and technology for things to run smoothly. We want to be able to make our consumers experience the best it can be and ensure that our back office practices are efficient. The need for the right tools to help with tracking of sales and revenue is also key for any small business. I want to bring to your attention five types of Information systems that I feel will be beneficial to our business. Please keep in mind these are only suggestions, my goal is to give you an understanding of some of our many options.

In the table below you will see a brief description of the five systems I will be discussing further. Please reference this only as a high-level overview. The remaining content of my proposal will go further in depth into each system. According to University of Phoenix Introduction to Information Systems (2012),

System Function

Transaction processing system Processes transactional data

Management information system Produces reports summarized from transaction data

Functional area IS Supports the activities within a specific are3a

Electronic commerce system Enables transactions among organizations and customers

Decision support system Provides access to data and analysis tools

The Transaction processing system is key for our daily functioning. According to University of Phoenix Introduction to Information Systems (2012),This system is what will be used for monitoring and storing all our business transaction data. When we scan our customer’s purchases at point of sale, this system allows the data to be collected real time. This system will support operations fully. It could be used to drop the input data into any database we may be using for the analyzation and computing of in depth reports. This system will be key for us in order to eliminate false transactions (University of Phoenix, 2012). We have many options to choose


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