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How Writing and Reading Become Part and Parcel in My Life!!!

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Literacy Autobiography

Irfan Uddin

Instructor Hollie Craddock

2 September,2016

                                    How writing and reading become part and parcel in my life!!!

Since my childhood, I used to play with letter board game. The aim of this letter board game is to match all the letters sequentially and alphabetically. This letter board game became very much helpful for me because it really assists me to write the all the alphabets in a sequential order. Actually home was my first place where I taught all the letters by my mother. My mother was my actual instructor who taught me how to read and write. I had several incidents in my life which had shaped me to become a better writer and reader.

I started to go to kindergarten school at the age of four. In my kindergarten school, I used to play a sort of letter game with other students. My kindergarten books were designed with different colors having lots of different animals. I felt very much attracted by seeing those books and wanted to write some of the names of the animals. At that time, writing and reading were actually taking a pivotal place in my heart. I started loving writing and reading without any reason. I still remember we had a puzzle word game in kindergarten when all the alphabets were disarranged and we need to arrange and write it. As I was a little kid I made a lot of mistake in arranging and writing all the alphabets in a proper order while playing this game. When I was in second grade my instructors taught us different of interesting poetry like “Bla Bla Black Sheep” and “Twinkle twinkle little star”. The instructor used to give us a homework of writing two pages of this poetry. I was also so much infatuated with these poetries that I used to write these poetries in my special notebook. I remembered some of the valuable quotes of my instructor “If you write anything only a single time, you can remember it more than ten times you read it”. Hearing that advice of my instructor I loved to write anything in my notebook especially academic materials.

When I was in fourth grade my instructor used to give us handwriting practice exercises of two pages every day. Actually, my handwriting was slow but this handwriting practice helped me a lot for making fast and smooth handwriting. In the fourth grades, my instructor counted some grades based on student’s good hand-writing. So, I tried my level best to make a good handwriting. My instructor used to tell us an “honest typewriters” story for motivating us to write more and more. The story was so much touching that when I heard that story it made me attached to write anything. It was a story about an honest typewriter who wrote a very touching letter to his daughter at the end of his life. Actually, I got a revolutionized change in my writing when I was in sixth grade. In my sixth grade, I maintained a diary where I used to write my everyday incidents. I really love to write my daily life in that dairy. That dairy was very much precious for me because I used to write my all interesting stories in that dairy. Actually, that diary reflects my whole personal life. Normally I used to write and read non-academic descriptions. When I found something interesting anything I used to read it carefully until it finished. In my childhood, when I read anything especially academic, I used to write it because it helps me to remember it very easily.


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