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Read/write Assignment

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Chapter 5 Read/Write Assignment

1. Into today’s high-tech world it is very important for customers to be able to access a business via the internet. With this being said when a customer has an issue or a question they want to be able to get their problem solved and their answer quickly so a business needs to have the resources available on their website for the customer to do this. So it is very important for a business to “webify” their customer service because it could be the difference of a satisfied or unsatisfied customer. It is not equally important for all businesses. It is definitely important far large businesses, but it is not for say a small business. For a large company it is almost expected for them to have a website, but small businesses could lose customers who expect to be able to find them on the web.

2. Some of the advantages for web-based service are customers like it, it makes maintaining and building customer service relationships easier and it is low cost. Some disadvantages are delayed responses, the website can be difficult to navigate and if poorly managed it can turn customers away.

3. Customer profiled can be used to help customers whey they order a product. The profile can help the customer to know if the order has been fulfilled, if the order has been shipped and if so give them tracking information. The profile can also give the customer very detailed information for example if they book a hotel room they can get a map of the hotel. The advantages to this personalized service are that it generally makes for a very loyal customer who then will offer suggestions.

4. There are several ways a company can make their website efficient one is by making sure that the software they are using is current and that it is being managed properly. Companies need to make sure that their site it is easy to navigate. A company needs to update their FAQ’s page when new questions


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