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Formal Writing Assignment

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Formal Writing Assignment

Before reading the articles my understanding was bookish and I would say that that is correct. First article is related to the decision making and the second is related to leadership style. Both are equally important for an executive. Because of the present environment and the condition of the business. The environment is very much competitive today and so many foreign players are also involved. My point is to express that any single decision can through you out of the business and the same goes with the leadership. End of the day you need the result but what you need whole day. The answer is employee and their satisfaction and this will come through the leadership style.

I thought that decision making is always choosing the best option. But after studying the subject Organizational Behaviour I came to know that there is a path which all needs to follow while taking any decision.

This path is very strategic and little bit time taking. But to get the best result we need to follow this path. The path starts with defining the problem and the decision criteria then we have to give weightage to the criteria according to the preferences and develop and evaluate all the alternatives and the final stage is to select the best alternative. This is all about decision making model.

I went through the article "Decision-making isn't a big deal after all" and I came to know it is written in a very general manner. Nothing is specific; no strategy has been used. You can use this knowledge to handle day to day problem. But while taking decision which consist risk first thing which we need to consider is to define or classify the problem. Then we need to move towards the alternatives. And in my opinion if we think about the alternatives first we will surely miss something very important. Because we need to draw the solution according to the situation, so the study of the situation should come at first place. Second thing which is very important while taking decision is to take care from all the hidden traps of decision making. These traps happen in three situations first when we think so much about the outcomes, second when we are overconfident and third is when we give unnecessary weightage to our past experience.

This article is not describing about any of the trap. And in my view everyone should take care of all the hidden traps while taking any decision.

Also I am not agreeing with the statement "Forget it once you have taken it". What happen sometimes you take some step and you come to know about the outcome which can harm your business or what so ever will be the case? So if you do not recall all the decision which you have taken you will never come to know about these unwanted outcomes. And you will end up with big losses.

Although most of us use strategic thinking while taking any decision but


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