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Acc 321 - Writing Assignment - Guide Lines

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Spring 2011


Due 03/29/11

This is a GROUP writing assignment. Please work with your assigned group.

One of your clients, Charles Welch, has recently inherited a portfolio of stocks in various Fortune 500 companies. He has received the annual reports of these companies, which of course include the income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.

Mr. Welch knows very little about these statements. He has asked you to write a report that explains the statements so that he can use them to manage his investments. He has also asked that you explain the importance and meaning of the audit opinion as stated in the auditors' report.

Prepare the report for your client. Supplement your discussion with sample financial statements that you construct yourself or find in the annual report of an actual company.


This assignment relies on group interaction to improve your writing skills and final communication product. I encourage you to meet as a group as soon as possible and to develop a schedule for completion of the assignment. I encourage you to divide writing responsibilities and review each other's work before submitting your final edited draft. Be sure to maintain consistency in writing style throughout the document.

The group will receive a group grade on this assignment. I will not measure or control the division of responsibilities among group members or the distribution of group effort. In any group effort, a division of tasks will likely result in specialization consistent with the skills of the individual group members.


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