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Writing Assignment Based on Short Stories - What Would You Have Done If You Were the American Girl?

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Writing Assignment based on Short Stories

Question 1(b): What would you have done if you were The American girl?

In this story, the cat represented a baby. The American girl always stresses that she want a cat, actually what she really want is to have a baby. If I am the American girl, I will try to sit down and discuss with my husband. I will tell him that I hope to have a baby who can accompany me. It is only through communication with each other that I can express my feeling and it also can let my husband to understand my thinking. I will tell him what I want and hope he can fulfill my wish. I also will tell him that we will have a wonderful family if we have a child. If my husband does not plan to have a child, I will go to adopt a child. This is because the American girl really hopes to have a child. So if she had an adopted child, she will feel more happy compare to previous life.

In this story, the American girl's husband (George) was not care about the American girl. If I am the American girl, I will disappear from my husband for a moment to let him know the important of me. It also shows my dissatisfaction to him. I hope I do like that, my husband will more care about me.

George was a lazy, uncaring and boring person. If I am the American girl, I will decide to divorce with George. He was not a helpful person. The American girl is just asked him to help her to get the cat but he did not do anything at all. I feel very disappointed because he does not care about me anymore. I believe that the next will be a better.

If I am the American girl, I also will thank the hotel-keeper and the maid. This is because the hotel-keeper asks the maid take a big tortoise-shell cat for me. They are the responsible workers because they try to fulfill the request of customer. They know I want the cat and give me another cat to comfort and make


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