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Hh Hansaraj Company Swot Analysis

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  1. When did Hansaraj Hulaschand Company Pvt.Ltd started?


H.H company was established in 7 Bhadra 2016 B.S.

  1. What was the motive to start this HH company?


HH company was established by the Golchha family with the view of introducing trading company in the Nepalese market. Presently this trading company is engaged in Imports and Marketing such as Bajaj Motorbikes, KTM Motorbikes, Motorcycle parts, Automobiles, Cement, Servo Lubricant oil, Fertilizer etc

  1. We would like to conduct SWOT analysis of the HH company. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat)



  • Financially sound
  • Selling products in competitive price
  • Strong brand name
  • Goods we import are high quality and standard
  • Prefer to import goods from well established suppliers and manufacturers


  • We believe goods price are affordable but consumer claims that it is expensive.


  • Increasing trend of people to purchase motorbikes for their daily needs so there is a strong market for HH Company’s product.


  • Tough competition in the Market

  1. Does the company plan to grow in the next two years and by how much?


Yes, we are trying. Our current turnover is around 1000 Crore. In the next 2 years it will definitely grow around 10 percent.

  1. What is the HH company’s owner doing to promote growth?


We are working hard and trying to bring new product in the market.

  1. What are the challenges HH company is facing in this current situation?


  • To introduce new product in the market at affordable price
  • To attract the customers all over Nepal specially in remote areas
  • Too many competitors in the market
  • To minimize cost of the company


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