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Green Mountian Case Study

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The troubles facing the Green Mountain resort are to do with staffing issues /concerns and the problem with turnover. Although the location of the resort is not ideal (located in the poorest area of the state), the management had attracted a group of hard working employees. Yet due to lack of promotion and advancement at the resort the excellent members of the staff have moved onto other resorts leaving behind the novices and poorer workers. This is where the underlying problem arises as the staff turnover rate was so high due to new employees having to be hired, that the added training for the variety of assignments staff would undertake was crippling management.

This sort the management to find a solution to fix their high turnover rate. A consultant (although not an expert in the industry) was brought in to help fix this problem. The consultant aided the management in figuring out what they were actually looking for and the execution. The management found that older employees spoke so highly of the training and opportunities given to them by their resort that word got around creating a platform of newer ambitious people began to apply for positions with Green Mountain. This allowed the management to embrace not only the high employee turnover rates, but also the companies new title of being a building block, in return for high employee work and service rates.

Case Questions

1. From the six change images which were held by Gunter?

Gunter's approach regarding turnover could be classified under the "Change manager as Director" (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, & G., 2009). Within this image the manager believes that it is up to them to manage and direct the organization in certain ways for the change to take effect. This is true in the case of Gunter and the Green Mountain resort, Gunter knew that he was in charge and thought that due to this fact he was the only person who could change the outcome.

• The hospitality literature?

In this case the hospitality literature can be classified as the "Change Manager as Coach" (Palmer, Dunford, Akin, & G., 2009). Within this image managers shape organizations in certain ways to get the best results. Rather than the managers trying to dictate and change turnover rates they instead took what was handed to them and embraced it. In this case the hospitality literature tells a story of a company building up young hard working professionals for the next level. If the literature was to say that this was a company to grow, develop and get promoted in, the turn over at the Green mountain resort would read differently and employees would stay for longer periods of time.

• The consultant?

The consultant in this case can be classified as the " Change Manager as


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