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Fir - Customer Relationship Management

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  1. Even though the complete survey is not included in the case, summarize how the closed-ended and open-ended questions provided valuable customer insight for FIR.

    The valuable customer insight show FIR their strength and weakness.


According to the survey, FIR’s online banking is simple and easy to use. The customers are happy that they can do financial transaction anywhere and anytime as they’d like since it’s online based, for example, paying bills, transferring money and checking balance. Another advantage of the FIR is that they have great Customer service representative (CSR), in which the customers said that they’re satisfied with the help they got.


One of the disadvantage of the FIR is there are no local ATM. The customers mention on the survey that it’s not quite convenient that they have to maintain another account. Another issue is on identity thefts. Few customers complained that they got phising-type email, using the bank’s logo, and some small business owner said that they want more stringent protection policy regarding this issue.

2. What customer segments are targeted by FIR? On what issues should FIR focus in order to build relationships with its varied customer segments?

The target customer for FIR would be innovative, modern and high-tech people. The rise of genX increase the number of users for internet based banking. The survey showed that the main users are likely to be well-educated and has high social status. From the survey, we also learn that people who has board brand at their place use online banking service, and people who has experience using internet more than six years tried online banking service. So, those are the customers that FIR should tried to satisfy.

3. Can you recommend specific activities and practices that they might engage in, to improve customer service quality and retain customers such as respondents 3 and 137?

To improve service quality, FIR needs to satisfy their customers. The customers have already felt happy with the CSR and how the team solved their problem promptly. FIR should work on the customer feedback to satisfy what the customer needs. The happy customer will rely on the internet banking more and more, create customer loyalty, Moreover, the survey shown that the customers of internet banking are more likely to introduce internet banking to their friends ( word of mouth)


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