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Managing Customer Relationships – Final Project

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Managing Customer Relationships – Final Project

Today’s Pet Inc.

Greg O’Donnell III

University of Maryland University College

Managing Customer Relationships

        Today’s Pet has been family owned and operated since 1996 with a single location serving Elkridge, Columbia and the surrounding Maryland areas.  They possess more than 30 years’ experience in the pet industry and are equally passionate about their customers’ pets and pet care as they are about friendly service.  When visiting you will not only be surrounded by many happy and healthy well-adjusted pets ready to be adopted - but also one of the largest “always in stock” selections of over 40 premium brands of dog and cat foods, and isles packed full of exciting treats, toys and health aids for a wide variety of different species.  In addition to solidifying the companion process by pairing up the right pet for each family situation, they have been able to maintain an A+ rating with the BBB as a result of their vast experience and unsurpassed customer service that locals have grown accustom to.

        Today’s Pet website does not contain a clear business objective nor does it mention anything specific regarding a marketing strategy.  From my personal experience at the store, I can attest from my many conversations with management that they have looked into the possibility of opening a second location within the next few years seeing that their growth trajectory stays true.  Because of how unbelievable caring everyone is that I have encountered, I would surmise that their marketing strategy revolves around the age old adage of taking care of the customer - then in turn, they will take care of you.  Employees I have come across sincerely care about my needs and my pets’ well-being, know me on a first name basis and seem to take great pride in their work.  I can also assume that their marketing and business strategies focus on growing market share by keeping current clientele very satisfied as to differentiate themselves from the abundance of cold and unwelcoming big-box competitors that surround them.  

        As far as their customer service strategy is concerned, it comes across to me as very wholesome and simplistic – good value, good people and fast service.  There is no rewards program or data collection process that I am aware of.  In fact, other than memory or maybe the recognition of my face, they have no discernable way to track client activity or purchase history.  The company does have a website to help with marketing, although very outdated, where it houses information about the company, a few coupons, and a small selection of products for sale alongside tabs where one can view staff profiles.  While their social presence leaves something to be desired, they do sporadically engage in some social media activities through Facebook and Twitter to facilitate rescues and update current adoption information.  


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