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Customer Relationship Management

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be defined as a effective method that using information of consumers to analyse and manage it. (Ernst Hoyer Krafft Krieger, 2010) As the development of commerce, almost all businesses focus on the profits. Therefore, the relationship between business and consumers has been more and more important.Herhausen, Scho¨gel (2013) stated that more and more businesses implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to increase consumers satisfaction. Therefore, customer Relationship Management (CRM) can be seen as a important tool for companies to attract more consumers and improve consumers satisfaction and achieve more profits. According to Qantas Annual Report 2013, Qantas has costed a lot of money for advertisement in 2013, and it also achieve revenue from the advertisement. It can be inferred that advertising can increase the attraction of consumers to attract more and more consumers. Therefore, advertising also can be seen as a process to attract consumers. Moreover, marketing strategy is also a important process of CRM system ( Reimann, Schilke ,Thomas, 2009). Qantas should have a clear marketing strategy. After- sale service also is important for Qantas. After consumers bought the passenger tickets, Qantas should provide a thoughtful after-sale services such as returning a ticket choosing seat. It also allow Qantas to train special workers for after-sale services. Furthermore Qantas should create some products which can symbolize the brand of Qantas and create what consumers want. CRM system can help new products to satisfy the requirement of market and consumers and it have a active effect in development of product. Therefore, CRM can help Qantas produce products which can achieve competitive advantages in the market.


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