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Emr Case Study

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EMR Innovations

Executive Summary:

EMR Innovations is on the verge of becoming a potential contender in the RV aftermarket retailing business. Eric and Mary have what they believe to be a product that many RV enthusiasts could benefit from. Even though they lack certain knowledge in this new field, they believe that it can be done. After looking at their potential target market they began to struggle with the issue of how to market and distribute the product. After sorting through many options, the most feasible for someone in their position would be to distribute the Lock-Awn through individual dealers from the Workampers group. With their large number of members at 70,000 this seems to be the best option as their target market could be reached with ease. They would also have the potential to network and vuild relationships through this method. As for marketing the product, the most efficient way seemed to be developing the promotional brochures, chat room discussions, and word of mouth. For a product, which is still in its early stages, this would be the most beneficial to EMR. Starting out small might help this product to grow and eventually reach its full potential.


Eric and Mary Reynolds are RV (Recreational Vehicle) enthusiasts that began their own RV repair shop right out of their own home. After some time they both decided to take the next step and become a supplier for RV products. Their first product came to be the “Lock-Awn” antibillow device for RV patio awnings. After developing the prototype several customers from their repair shop had seen the product in a very positive way.

Even though potential customers seemed to like the product they were still very unsure about whether or not it would be successful. They didn’t want to invest all their money with the uncertainty of the success of the product so their next step was to decide on a marketing strategy, and gather as much information as they could about potential customers.

SWOT Analysis


• A great majority of RV’s experienced designer flaws on their patio awnings. Patio awnings are common equipment on almost all RV’s.

• EMR Innovations had more affordable prices compared to the competition’s

• Their products are also superior in appearance, easy to install, and a lot easier to use than the competitor’s

• Their target market includes everyone who owns an RV


• Eric and Mary do not have a well-constructed business or marketing plan

• The high costs of promoting,


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