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Empowering Delegating Skills

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Empowering Delegating Skills

In this example “skill practises” Ms.Zumwalt delegated a project to Mr. Lee he have to develop a new departmental procedures manual for the end of the month. However, Mr. Lee asks Ms.Zumwalt if the project could be giving to Mr. Harmon. Mr. Harmon had been working for the company for the past 3 years. Ms.Zumwalt approves Mr. Harmon ti inform him that the project is being reassigned to him. Mr. Lee is preparing himself for his meeting in the morning with Mr. Harmon to discuss the job. (Robbins, 2012)

Clarifying the task, it is important that a delegator understand what they are asking before they ask someone else. Ms. Zumwalt knew that Mr. Lee was more than capable of completing the task. However, Ms. Zumwalt did not consider what Mr. Lee might already be working on. As a result, Mr. Lee felt overwhelmed and repeated the mistake when he tried asking Ms. Zumwalt if he could push it off on Mr. Harmon. If Ms. Zumwalt were to consider the other projects that Mr. Lee may be working on or had asked him prior to making the assignment she could have gone directly to Mr. Harmon or someone else in the organization that could handle taking on the project at the current time. Mr. Lee believed Mr. Harmon was capable, just as Ms. Zumwalt felt Mr. Lee was capable. Mr. Lee failed to consider what Mr. Harmon might also be working on. In this instance both Mr. Lee and Ms. Zumwalt failed to include Mr. Harmon in on the reassignment of the task and in addition, ask Mr. harmon if there was anything he may be working on. If both Mr. Harmon and Mr. Lee were not motivated to take on the project it may be beneficial to assign both individuals to work on the project together to cut down on time. Considering some alternatives, it may have been possible that Lee and Harmon could have teamed up and completed the manual together by dividing up the workload, rather than one person trying to take on another project all together. The problem simply stemmed from Zumwalt needing help with completing the manual project and so she delegated it out. Lee should have taken the project and found a way to complete it using the resources and personnel available to him. Zumwalt now is left to wonder if she can depend on Lee or if she must look for someone else willing to take on more.

In delegating the task to Mr. Lee, Ms. Zumwalt should have been more descriptive in what the proper discretion should be. The only mention regarding discretion was when Lee asked if Harmon might be able to complete the project and Zumwalt stated that she had concerns that Harmon might not know what the expectations are. There are several thoughts as to what the appropriate lines of communication should have been in this situation. The question of wither Harmon should have been in the room to discuss what work might be given to him? His three years of experience with the company seems substantial as stated in the


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