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Disadvantages of Collaboration in the Workplace

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Disadvantages of collaboration in the workplace.

When in a workplace and a team is assigned a project there can be some disadvantages to this.

Disadvantages of the collaboration can be workloads are not equal, unclear of the purpose of assignment, no good communication, different backgrounds, the understanding of information given.

Workloads are always set so that each team member has the same amount of work to do, but there are times were team members do not carry their own load. When this happens the rest of the team members have to pick up the slack of that team member. This makes it harder for the rest of the team to finish the project on time and can cause animosity. Some team members just ride along and do not give 100 percent and give little to no contribution. In the article by malamg01 the author states that "collaboration is can lead to inequitable workload therefore take the evaluation process seriously evaluate your own as well as each group member's effort and of course define your own task." (2) Meaning make sure you do your part and understand what is needed. See how hard your team members are working and try to match them and not think you are better.

If any team member is not clear of the end goal, and says nothing, this can cause problems like delays. Some people when working in a team are too afraid to admit that they are not sure what the purpose of the assignment is. If a team member is not sure of what is expected and says nothing that person needs to realize that it puts a strain on the rest of the members. Getting rid of shyness is an important step.

Team members have different backgrounds. Some backgrounds can make it difficult to understand where everyone in the group is coming from. Here is where we can learn from each other on how different learning styles are great. But you can get a team member who is not willing to change and says their way is the best way. This is where it will become difficult to continue unless there is a discussion. We all need to see that just because we learned different it does not mean that the other team members way are wrong.

When a team is assigned a project they are given all they need to proceed. Some members may not fully understand the materials and resources that are given to them. When a team member does not understand the information, they might not do their part to the best of their abilities. This makes it that the team member will turn in assignments that either are completely off topic or are not adequate enough to be able to finish the project.

Understanding of the information is very important in order for the team to continue and pursue the end goal. The team members should easily be able to take their task


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